Native Texan Livin': July 2011

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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

Well, it wasn't really that bad, but it felt like it.

- Had to wake Maggie up at 10:15 to get Izzy to school & go to Maggie's 1 year
- Get all packed up & open the garage door to leave.
- Garage door only opens a foot off the ground.
- I try the garage door a couple more times w/ the same result.
- Lock up the house & go outside w/ the kids so I can manually open the garage door.
- Strap Maggie in the car seat & attempt to pull the red string on garage opener.
- Try to yank the string but it's stuck.
- I finally pull the string & the garage door slams closed.
- I attempt to push up the garage door & it won't budge AT ALL!
- I'm officially stuck IN my garage.
- Take kids out of truck.
- Call my friend to take Izzy to school.
- Call Pediatrician to reschedule Maggie's appointment.
- Call Bo to call garage door people.
- Garage door guy comes out & we see that the coil is broken in half.
- Guy tried to charge me $!
- Then comes down to $!
- Then the lowest they can go is $480....still no!
- Guy leaves but then his boss calls they found inventory, blah blah, now price
   is $380! .....still HELL NO!
- Bo schedules a different company to come tomorrow to replace for $210.
- Truck still stuck in garage.

In the mean time,......
- a fly comes in the house.
- I attempt to throw food away & it falls to the floor.
- I pick it up & hit my head on the corner of cabinet.
- Attempt to take out the trash from the can & it takes a FULL minute to get
  the overstuffed bag out.
- I go out to take out trash & almost get attacked by a wasp.
- I can barely walk because Maggie is attached to my shins.
- Maggie ends up taking an awful afternoon nap.

So, in the end I survived, but just barely. ;-)  Let's hope tomorrow goes a lot better!  Sorry, just had to vent!  :-)

Maggie's birthday party

The birthday girl in her Maggie Owl dress

We had a family only party this year since Maggie didn't ask me to invite any of her friends. ;-)  But even with just family, we had over 40 people here!  Actually, we did invite 2 friends but they're practically family, so it counts.

I went with an Owl Theme for Maggie's party because I thought they were a hoot!  Ha! 

We were going to have the entire party outside, but it rained almost all day until right before the party, so we kept all the food inside, just in case. 

This is a birthday sign I ordered from an Etsy store.  It went with the owl theme perfectly!

I found an idea online to show a "year in review" of how the 1 year old has progressed thru the year.  I made smaller owls to match the invitations & printed a pic of Maggie from every month up to her birthday.  It turned out really cute but didn't quite have the effect I was going for since Maggie basically looks the same from 6 months to present!  :-)

The tiki hut in use!  You know it's official when you see a bag of water hanging up to try to keep the flies away!

Jumping in swimsuits.  I had all the kids bring their suits in case it kept raining.  It didn't rain anymore but was just hot & muggy.

Birthday girl & her daddy!

Got the cake from HEB but since they won't take personal requests anymore, Carrie & I added the branch & owl when we got it home.  That's why it looks a little, um....homemade!  :-)

We served hot dogs, nachos, chips, dip & fruit.  Love me some nachos!

Uh oh!  We found the pinata!!!

Our mini family pic.

Let's check out what I got!!!

She must've just seen something amazing!  :-)

Pinata time!  We had to give the birthday girl a shot too.  Needless to say, she wasn't the one to break it open!  ;-)

And this is what you get with leftover owl pinata carcass!  I think every kid got their turn in the owl head!  It was actually pretty funny to see all these little people running around with a giant owl head on their little bodies!  :-)

You spend money on a jumpy and what do the kids play with?!?!  A rope!

♫♪ Happy Birthday to You ♪♫

As you can see, she didn't like it very much!  ;-)
She was actually pretty clean until Aunt Val decided she wasn't messy enough, so she dabbed a little on her nose.

I made these owl cookies to give as the party favor.  Ordered the bag toppers from the same Etsy lady I got the banner from.

Hope you had a great birthday party sweet girl!

Friday, July 15, 2011


Maggie as soon as I walked into her room this morning!

To my sweet little Maggie Pie,

So, do you think I made it to a million kisses?  I always wondered how long it would take to give you literally 1 million kisses.  I'm sure we made it a few times over since I feel like I give you a million kisses a day!  I know it seems like an odd thing to wonder, but welcome to the wonder of me. ☺

Are you really 1 year old already?!?!  I cannot believe how fast this year has flown by.  I remember being pregnant with you & trying to enjoy every second...and I try to do the same now that you're here with us.

You are the sweetest little baby!  I just look at you & smile and then you give me the BIGGEST smile.  It's so big that you squint your eyes because your cheeks are shoved up from your big grin.  It makes me smile just thinking about your little grinning face while writing this.

I love feeding you in your rocking chair before naps/night time.  When you're done, you flip around & lay chest to chest with me & lay your head on my shoulder.  Then, we stand up by your crib & I hold you and rock you in my arms.  I stare down at you & think what a sweet moment it is....and then you start laughing.  You just start giggling & it's the sweetest thing.  It kills me to have to lay you down & break that moment, but I do it knowing it'll come again the next day....hopefully. 

Your favorite song I sing to you are "You are my sunshine" or "Good night sweetheart" from the movie 3 Men & a Baby. 

You love your baths.  Actually, you just love running water.  You sit at the faucet while I'm filling the tub & try to grab the water while it's coming out.  It's so cute, so sometimes I'll just leave it running during your whole bath.  ( Oops, don't tell daddy!  ;-) )

You LOVE your sissys.  If they're around, you want to be there.  If you hear them, you look for them.  If I say, "where's Izzy?," you start frantically moving your head around in search of them.  Bec & Izzy adore you too.  Yall are all very lucky to have each other & I hope you always keep that special bond only sisters can share.

Izzy loves to constantly scoop you up under your arms & tote you to where I am, or out of the hallway, or just out of "harms way" in general.  Bec is trying really hard to make you walk.  She actually got you steady enough yesterday that you took 3 steps towards her!  I was there when it happened, so now I can mark your first steps!

You seriously love your daddy!  If you see daddy outside through the window you scream/bellow, "da da da da!"  You will gladly jump out of my arms to get to him & you cry if he can't hold you.  If he happens to be shirtless when he's going to hold you, he has to put a shirt on since one of your favorite pasttimes is grabbing a handful of his hair & yanking!  I think you know what you're doing & I think you think it's hilarious. ☺

You still have no hair!  When do you suppose that'll come in?  You'll probably be like me & Bec....we didn't get any worth talking about until about 2 years old!

You only have 2 little teeth on the bottom front.  Also not too worried about those since you technically have more teeth than Izzy did at this age. (she only had the tips of her 2 bottoms)

Your laugh!  Oh, that laugh!  Sometimes it's a vibrating laugh, which I can't even fully explain. (very similar to Izzy's baby laugh)  Other times your laugh is so deep & hearty (if I'm tickling you) that I feel bad for tickling you.  :-)  So I stop for a bit...but then throw one last tickle in just to hear that laugh!  Sorry if I've traumatized you!  ;-)

You have a MASSIVE appetite.  I think you could eat all day if I let you.  Actually, most of us in this house like to snack all day (or as daddy says, we graze).  You'll eat pretty much whatever I put in front of you but you can't eat anything with apples.  Gives you major diaper rash!  Your favorites are mum-mum crackers for snacks and carrots, meat sticks & noodles for lunch/dinner.  Red sauce on pasta is still a bit acidic for you but normal chicken broth (clear stuff) is fine so far. 

I've been really lazy switching you over to cups.  Again, I hope this doesn't traumatize you later in life, but as history as shown, most kids are off the bottle by the time they go to Kindergarten, so we have some time.  ;-)

Your latest thing you like to do is yell at the top of your lungs.  Ma!  Ma!  Ma!  Still not sure if you're calling me or saying mine!  (I think you use the same word interchangeably for both.)  I thought I had a loud voice but we're all beginning to think yours is the loudest of all!  ....and that's really saying something!

You like to play peek-a-boo...or rather, you like when I do it.  You're surprised every time I reveal my face.  You say "uh-oh" when you knock something to the floor.   You wave & say "bye bye."  You clap your hands when we say "yeah/hooray" or when you hear music, and you bounce dance when you hear music you like.

This is all just a glimpse into the wonderful 1 year old you are.  I hope you've had as great a year with us as we've had with you.  You truly bring sunshine into our lives and you literally made our family complete.  I can't wait to make a million family memories...and knowing us, they'll all be funny ones we can go back & laugh at when yall get older.

Happy birthday sweet girl.  I hope you have a wonderful day filled with lots of cake & more hugs & kisses by all whoooo love you.  (←you're having an owl party...I couldn't resist!)

You're my favorite little 1 year old around!

I love you with my whole heart,
your mommy

p.s. The mama bird we've been watching in our window the last few weeks finally had her babies yesterday.  I thought it was kind of fitting for them to be born right before your birthday. ☺

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

June 25 ~ NKOTBSB! (Yes, it was 3 weeks ago. Give me a break!)

Man, where does the time go!  I feel like I've been so busy the last few weeks but have nothing to show for it.  ;-)

The weekend of June 24, The Coombes came in town so Carrie & I could go to the NKOTBSB concert!  Yes, I know we're total nerds, but you can't deny you're jealous!  ;-)  We had awful seats but the concert was good.  It was neat to see NKOTB who we LOVED growing up...made me feel like I was sitting in my room in 6th grade listening to their tapes.  Sigh.  
Waiting in line for beer

NKOTB & BSB as the show started.  Told you our seats sucked!
Earlier that afternoon, we went to Kemah to eat lunch & let the girls ride rides.  The rides (plural) quickly turned into ride (singular) when it was toooo hot to wait around anymore.  Lunch outside was hot & then waiting in line to get tickets was even longer, so luckily, they were happy w/ just the carousel.
Kate & Izzy

Whaaaaat is this thing?!?!
After Kemah, the girls wanted to do a lemonade stand, per the suggestion of Olivia the pig....from the Olivia cartoons.  :-)   Bo & Scott took the table down to the curb for the girls to set up.  All of our neighbors just happened to wander out in search of pink lemonade to quench their thirst.  The girls kept yelling "free lemonade" which I quickly corrected as 50 cents a glass!  :-)  With enough neighbors & a tip, each girl got $4!