Native Texan Livin': August 2011

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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

My super awesome birthday

This year for my birthday, Chick-fil-A happened to be doing a Princess/Pirates party where if the kids dressed up, they'd get a free 6 piece nugget.  So....being someone who will do whatever it takes for free food, we dressed up the kids & made a plan.  It wasn't as simple as just showing up though.  Chick-fil-A asked people to make a reservation online so we made one a couple weeks ago.  Well, we show up & Bo goes in search of a table.  He goes to a round table in the middle of the restaurant to hold it for us & he comes back.  He says not to worry, it's reserved for "The Watson Family"  Seriously?!?!  Yup!  CFA reserved specific tables for each family who RSVP'd online.  Sweet!
Yes, we are that important that CFA reserved a table JUST for us!  ;-)

The kids got to eat for free & then they were also offering face painting & balloons for the kids.
Izzy pouting, Maggie, Lauren, Prego Julie & Bella

Sisters (Bec couldn't come b/c she was at cheer practice.  Don't worry...we took her some food)

We head on home from a fun dinner & then my PRESENT arrives!  Bo & I had been looking into getting a golf cart from one of Bec's friends family but I thought we had decided against it to spend the $ elsewhere.  I really wanted it but I wasn't gonna push the issue.  So......what rolls up after we get home?!?!?!  A golf cart!  Izzy & Bella took turns "driving" it with me.

What a great birthday with a great family!  And just so my other gift doesn't feel unappreciated...the girls & Bo also got me a Scentsy warmer w/ 3 scents.  Love those things.  Thanks to everyone who I made celebrate with me this weekend!  ;-)  (I say "made" because I planned my own family dinner here Friday night & then asked my dad to cook for me Sunday.)  :-)  

Monday, August 29, 2011

Izzy & Maggie's 1st day of school

Should I be happy or sad to have all 3 kids in school now?  I guess I'm feeling a little of both.  Izzy's in her second year of preschool & she was VERY excited to go.  Maggie's starting her first year of Mother's day out & she has no clue what she's in for. 

Maggie cried when I dropped her off & seemed to settle a bit before I left.  Her class has a 2-way mirror so I was able to see her w/o her seeing me.  Izzy got in line with her class & was excited to start her day.

So now I'm home with 2 dogs and a few projects to do.  Is it weird that I still want to watch Izzy's shows....Full House, iCarly, Victorious?  :-) 

Here are a few pics I got of the girls this morning....
Maggie with her fancy new shoes
Yes, I really let her go to school like this!  (as Bo asked)
She has a style all her own.  Who am I to stand in her way?  ;-)
Besides's preschool!

I'm sooooo cute!

Posing on their couch before school

Monday, August 22, 2011

Bec's 1st day of school ~ 8th grade

Today was Bec's first day of the 8th grade!  Of course, we forgot to take pictures before we left, so I had to snap this one when we got to school.  All of the cheerleaders got to wear their uniforms today & had to go in early to help all the new students find where they needed to be.  They are the school leaders you know.  :-) 

And so it begins.....practice, homework, phones, boys, drama.  Wish me luck...because I'm gonna need it!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Ariel & Bevo

I'd like to introduce our newest family members to you.....Ariel & Bevo.  No, not more kids!....puppies!  We decided to adopt 2 puppies from a shelter Bo found online that had a fairly new litter.  We went to look at them last weekend in Kingwood hoping to adopt then, but the shelter had to do a home visit to make sure our house was safe for the pups.  The foster & shelter lady came by today with 4 puppies & our home inspection passed with flying colors!  :-)

Bec had already decided she wanted the male pup named Patton (like the General) when we saw them last weekend.  Izzy was still undecided, so the foster mom said they'd bring a few girls that Izzy could choose from.  Izzy ended up choosing the girl named Panda (b/c she looks like a Panda). 

So, now our house just got a bit smaller w/ 2 more little ones running around, but I think we'll manage.  Actually, we have 3 dogs in the house right now because we're dogsitting Clark (the Watsons dog) while they're out of town.  He's doing well with the puppies so far, so that's good.

Izzy hanging out in the kennel before the pups arrived.

All 4 puppies

Bevo (male)

Ariel (female)

Our doggy Motley Crew

Friday, August 12, 2011

Tiki Hut / Palapa / "Phoenix Rising"

Bo's latest project was to construct a tiki hut for our outdoor bar area.  This is where we're going to use our countertops we got from Scott & Carrie.

We got the concrete poured a while ago.  Then, Bo found these really authentic looking round poles to use for the main frame.  I think those alone make all the difference...just wouldn't have the same look w/ reg square 4x4's.

Once the frame was done, the roof went up.  Bo framed it out & then added the thatch roofing material we found on Amazon.  (Love that place.  They literally sell everything!)

After putting a few rows of thatch up, he realized it was droopy, so we decided the best thing to do was to put up fence board in between the boards already up.  This is where the "Phoenix rises."  Instead of spending any more money on supplies, Bo remembered he had kept the burnt fence pickets from our fence fire a few months back, so up they went!

Next, they made the frame for the counter. 

Counter installed & the cabinet front on.

Final product w/ bamboo fencing across the front & sides.  (w/ a model posing for you)  We've really enjoyed having it!....or I mean Bo.  It really helps to shade the BBQ pit when he's grilling.  If we eat outside, Izzy especially likes to take her dinner to eat at the bar instead of the table.  It really makes the backyard feel tropical.  Now all we need to get is a pool.  It's just $$$ right?!?!  :-)  Bo wants to decorate it with authentic boat stuff...buoys, rope, toilet seats from the ocean, etc.  :-)

Watch out....she's walking!

Did I happen to mention Maggie's walking now?!?!  I mean, full on sprinting sometimes!  She started walking more the week after her birthday but then really got it down about a week later.  Surprisingly, I actually prefer her walking since she can get where she needs to be without whining too much.  :-)  Here's a quick video of her walking around yesterday.  Notice the little cheerleader in the background!  Side note...Bec had a cheer function at school yesterday, so Izzy had to dress up JUST like her!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Destin, FL

Bo & I just got back from a couples trip to Destin, FL with Scott & Carrie.  We went for a 4 day weekend while my mom watched the kids.  We were also celebrating our 7 year anniversary so the timing was perfect!  It was so relaxing not to worry about anyone but yourself, but it still didn't stop me from waking up everyday by 7am.  Can't break old habits.

We started our trip at The Presidents Club at IAH.  Ooh la la!  We had a few free bloody mary's before our trip, which were quite delightful!  :-)

We got to Florida around noon & The Coombes picked us up since they arrived the day before.  We went to eat lunch at a local place called The Back Porch which is right on the beach.
Scott & Carrie
After that, we unloaded at the condo & headed down to the beach.  Carrie's parents have a condo right on the beach & they let us stay there.  Free = awesome!  :-)
Bo & Scott strolling on the beach.  :-)
That evening, we went to an Irish place called McGuire's.  It's pretty neat inside.  They have $1 bills stapled up all over the place...ceiling, poles, walls.  People write a message on them before putting them up.  I think it started w/ their first ever tip being put up & then it continued.  I think the best thing on their menu was the bowl of bean soup for only $0.18!  Bo & Scott might think it was the "Irish Wake" drink they ordered...which came in a mason jar.  :-)

dollar bills all over the ceiling

Friday, Bo & Scott rented a pontoon boat to go fishing and Carrie & I went to get a massage.  While it was very relaxing, I told Carrie that next time there's a fishing/boat trip she won't get an option not to go...we'll make her into one of the guys even if it kills her.  :-)  p.s. The guys didn't catch anything.  :-(
Brothers don't shake hands!  Brothers hug!

El Capitan Benito & Skipper Scott
Carrie claiming this is "the only time you'll ever see me holding a fishing pole"
Friday night we went to The Baytowne Wharf which is like a little French Quarter/Bourbon Street.  There are a lot of little shops, Fat Tuesdays, Acme Oyster House, etc.  We had dinner at Acme & then hung out at Fat Tuesdays after.  They had just changed to rule to "no drinking in the street after 10pm" so that was annoying since we got there late.
On the balcony at Acme

Saturday was an all day beach day. 
Who knew Destin was where Santa hung out in the summer?!?!  As you can tell, I was attempting to be inconspicuous while taking these pics, but I think I got caught!  Hope he doesn't place me on the Naughty List!  ;-)  I showed these pics to Izzy & she said, "that is NOT our Santa!  Ours looks different because he's not in his red suit."  :-)

Bo drew my name in the sand.  The "N" is in the shadow but it's there.  He even drew a heart later but we didn't take a pic.  You could even see it from the condo! 
Then he dug himself a sand seat to sun bathe.  As you can see, he had some help putting on sun screen!

We finally came in around 5pm to get ready to go to dinner.  We ended up at a place kind of like Kemah, but not as awesome.  We ate at AJ's Seafood & the food was disgusting.  We headed in early knowing we all still had to pack to leave the next day.
Popeye Lauren & Olive Oil Carrie
Sunday we headed out early to catch our flights home.  It was a great time with great friends.  I was missing my kids by the time it was over so I was happy to get home.  Now I'm already ready for another vacation.  ;-)