Native Texan Livin': September 2011

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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Izzy's birthday party

Izzy decided she wanted to have a Cheerleader party this year for her birthday.  We made it a Cheerleader/Football party so the boys wouldn't be excluded.  Girls wore cheer clothes, boys wore jerseys.

We set up some crafts for the kids to do.  The girls had megaphones to decorate & the boys had slap bracelets to decorate.  I should've known better than to think they wouldn't want what the others had.  I think we had enough for everyone though.   We also had a ton of cheer & football tattoos for the kids. 
Craft table

Carson in his football gear

Izzy's finished megaphone

tattoo station
The kids mostly played on the swing set, threw footballs through a blow up guy & crashed into blow up punch bags.  
Maggie running around

After that, Bec taught the girls a cheer.
Cheerleaders in training
Bec teaching the kids

Aunt Val calling all the kids to "line up, line up, everybody line up" to show off their cheer.
Let's see what they learned...(ignore my voice) :-)

Cake time!

Side 1 of Izzy. Love it!  (I wonder who she was looking at!)

Side 2 of Izzy.  So sweet!

It was Bo's birthday on the day of the party so he got sprayed with silly string.
After that, we did presents & a pinata.  It was a good time had by all!

Happy 5th Birthday Izzy!

Izzy wearing almost all of her bday gifts!

To my sweet Izzy,

I don't even know where to begin with you, which is a good thing.  You're such a sweet, crazy, compassionate, emotional little girl.  You're getting a little more mature everyday & it's so much fun to see how you change daily.

A few things about you:
- You like to talk in 3rd person.  Always.  No exceptions. "Izzy will do that.  Do you want Izzy's help?  Izzy will go with you, ok?"

- If someone asks your full name, you always say Gwendolyn Watson Izzy.  I'm wondering if you think "Izzy" is your last name.

- Daddy used to call you "little monster" but once you understood what a monster was, you told him "I'm not a monster, I'm sweet Izzy!"

- You love to dance.  If a song comes on tv, you just get up & dance and shake it!  You have your own dance moves & you're really not that bad!

- You love to sing.  You know almost all the words to all the popular songs on the radio.  If you don't know the words you just kind of hum along to the song until they get to words you know.  You love Selena Gomez, Ke$ha, Black Eyed Peas, Taylor Swift, the song Stereo Heart & Rolling in the Deep.

- You're an excellent helper.  You always volunteer to swiffer, help fold laundry, dry dishes, wipe off the table, make your bed, take the dogs out & set the table.  You even volunteer to say prayer every night for dinner.

- You talk with a little twang on certain words you say.  Still not sure where that comes from but you like to draaaaw out words, giving them more syllables than are already there.  (That's actually one of my favorites about you.)  :-)

- Bed time: You decide who should put you to bed by rubbing your chin in contemplation.  You think it's hilarious!  Prayers. Lights out.
You: When will the sun be up?
Me: In 8 hours. (we just made up that time)
You: Why is it always 8 hours?
Me: Because you go to bed every day at the same time.
You: Oh, ok. Well, what if it doesn't come up?
Me:  It'll always come up.  Good night.  :-)

Honestly, I can't even break the surface on describing exactly who you are.  To know you is to love you.  I get so many compliments on how sweet you are to everyone & it truly makes my heart smile.

I love you sweet girl,

p.s. Sorry I'm posting this a week's been a busy week.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

All the every day stuff

I feel like we've been sooo busy lately but I know it's because it's "birthday palooza" around here AND school has started.

Here are just a few snippets of what we've been up to lately...

Izzy started her 2nd year of ballet
No, she's not a giant!  Some kids are just small...but it's also a 3-5 yr old class! :-)

 Bec had her first football game.  Hooray, the Panthers won!
The cheer squad & the mascot

Maggie & Izzy's first school football game!

Isabella had a party at Chuck E. Cheese.
Every time Maggie got on a ride, she'd way "weeee" like she does when she's on the swing set.
Sooo close!  Actually, she could reach most everything but couldn't quite get the concept of exactly how to play.  ;-)

Taking the horse for a brisk stroll
Treating the horse like a bucking bronco!

The "after party" at Julie's.  Checking out all of Bella's loot!

League City has new rules about riding in golf cart's now, so we had to add a few things to make it street legal.  Bo & some neighbors...and their friends spent Saturday night adding on the golf cart's back seat & some other accessories so we can pass inspection this week.
basket off, back seat frame on
Bo & friends bolting down the seat.
Final Product!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Happy 14th Birthday Rebecca!!!

To Becca,

I still can't believe you're already 14 years old.  In my head, I see you toddling around in Iceland with a giant winter coat on, making silly faces for the camera, starting Kindergarten, etc.  Then I look at you & think "holy she really gonna be in high school next year?!?!"

You've become such a beautiful young lady & I'm proud to call you my daughter.  You are officially taller than me...and have been for some time now.  We used to be able to share shoes, but no're foot's 1 1/2 sizes bigger than mine.  Fortunately for you, we've never been able to share clothes though.  :-)

Although you did beg a bit for it, I'm proud that you waited patiently (term used loosely) :-) until I gave you a Facebook account on your birthday.  You didn't sneak behind my back to make one like most kids would.  The other gift you really wanted was an ipad...that one FOR SURE wasn't happening.  But, I got you the next (& more economical) best thing.
Bec opening her new Samsung tablet
One of your best attributes is your honesty.  You were famous for telling on yourself before I would possibly find something out...or you just wouldn't do it because you knew I might get mad.

My hope for you...  My hope for you is that you always keep your innocence.  You always seem to expect people to do the right thing & when they don't, you're always truly surprised.  But I also want you to learn when to cut & run.  There are some awesome people out there but there are also a lot of people who try to take advantage.  Learn to know the difference & you're sure to be surrounded by wonderful people.

I hope you had a wonderful birthday weekend!

I love you as big as the whole wide world.