Native Texan Livin': October 2011

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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Bec cheering

Here are a couple videos & pics of Bec at her latest game.

Victory Lakes had a pep rally before this game so the girls got to do a routine & a bunch of cheers.  The first 2 pics aren't that in the gym never turn out good.
Bec's on the far left group, the far left girl on bottom.

Panther Paws up!
Out at the game.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Dewberry Farms

We went to Dewberry Farm in Brookshire, TX on Saturday with Valerie & Fam and Bella. (Julie had baby Christopher a couple weeks ago so she wasn't ready to get out yet.)  I was SOOO excited for all the "Fall fun" we would have!  Of course, we went the same day as the TX/OU game, so I think Bo was less thrilled than I was.  ;-)

Maggie rode in the waggon & laughed the whole time as she bumped along the gravel road.
Our first stop into the the Farm was the playground.
 Who'd've thunk playing in corn kernels could be so much fun!

The kids fed the goats w/ the Tbsp amount of goat food we got for 25 cents.  What a rip!  Sorry, I'm very cheap, so I expect A LOT for 25 cents!
 I loved that weeping willow!  It's so pretty next to the pond & windmill.
Bella, Izzy & Liam trying to pet ducks.  It didn't work out very well...although the ducks did let them get pretty close.
Riding a pig!  (p.s. It's fake!)  :-)
Introducing Mr. & Mrs. Dewberry!
Me & Maggie waiting outside the fort while the others go thru.
Bec, Bella, Izzy, Val & Liam in the Fort.  Still not sure what was in there...never even looked.  Maybe an obstacle course or something?
Pony Riding time!
Bella on her pony.  Bec made sure she didn't fall off.
Daddy & Maggie checking out the ponies.  Is he pointing to their poop?...which there was plenty of!
Rope swingin' off hay bales...nothing like it!
The train ride.  This was my favorite thing of all.  These barrel cow cars were pulled by a tractor up & down little hills & it was very bumpy.

Maggie laughed the whole time.  She loved all the bumps...and even threw both arms up in the air like she was on a roller coaster!  :-)
Sitting down for some lunch.  Food wasn't that good.  I'd definitely suggest sneaking in a sack lunch if you can. 
PIG RACES!!!  The kids were cheering on the pigs as the raced around the corner.
I don't remember who won....maybe it was the only pig name I can remember...Lindsay LoHAM!
On the tractor pulled wagon to the pumpkin patch. 
Ahhh, so cute!  They were holding hands from the time they got on the wagon!
A big close up of Miss Maggie
Looking for a winner.
The best picture we could get of all 6 kids!

So.....originally I was gonna write this post as "this place is overrated" but going thru all these pics, it was actually a pretty good time.  It was just really hot in the sun & we were dealing with a 1 year old who hadn't had a nap yet.  The one thing I mainly didn't like was that you have to pay a $12 admission (for 3 yrs - 54 yrs) but then you have to pay EXTRA for half the stuff there!  But, what really matters is that the kids had a good time!