Native Texan Livin': November 2011

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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Halloween 2011

We started the Halloween season with getting a few pumpkins from a local church pumpkin patch & then carving them up once we were home.  Bec & Izzy each did their own pretty much by themselves.

Found one mom!

Girls hard at work carving away!
Izzy & Bec w/ their creations

Here's a pumpkin we did after we went to Dewberry Farms.  Izzy didn't want to do another princess on her new pumpkin though, so we only got 1 "professional" carved one.

Halloween night.  I made tortilla soup earlier in the day so everyone could eat when they wanted.  Izzy & Bella scarfed down a hot dog & got dressed as fast as they could.

Izzy & Bella each had their own costumes picked out separately, but they ended up as a team.....Izzy was Cinderella & Bella was a Fairy Godmother.  Cute!

This is my pumpkin head Maggie.  She's the one of my three girls that will inevitably be the one at a party with a lampshade on her head!  If you look close enough, you can see her little eyes as she tried to look out.  :-)

Here's Maggie's real costume....Chicken Little Maggie!  This is the 4th time we've been able to use this costume.  First there was Izzy, Liam, Luke tried it on but I don't think he wore it & now Maggie!  I love getting my money's worth out of something!

Who's that sexy hunter Maggie picked up?!?!  Oh wait, it's her daddy!  Maggie doesn't look very happy in the wagon, but she LOVED riding in it.

Here's the 3 girls as they head out for some candy beggin'.  Baby Christopher was in the stroller dressed as a pea pod.  I didn't get a good pic of him though.

And they're off......

OMG!!!!!  Look who we found trick-or-treating in our neighborhood?!?!?!  The girls thought it was SO cool that Mickey Mouse was there!  Luckily, the poor guy (who was walking around w/ his kids) was a good sport & didn't think I was too psycho when I asked if the girls could take a pic w/ him.  :-)  (I was also glad the girls wanted to pose for a pic.  Good sign for our Disney cruise next year!)
End of the night & the girls have full bags. 

The girls checking out all of their loot.  You can see Christopher in Julie's arms now. :-)

Rebecca was there but didn't dress up....but she DID invite her boyfriend over to pass out candy.  He had originally invited her over but I said no because I hadn't met him or his family yet.  So, his mom dropped him off & it turns out I already knew the mom from their school.  He & Bec passed out candy w/ our other neighbors at tables in the street while we took the little girls trick-or-treating.  Then, when Bo got back, they got to run around to get some candy & his mom picked him up by 8:30.  Not a bad first experience w/ letting a boyfriend over.  :-) 

The little girls finally got a bath & Izzy got to bed around 9:30!  Now it's time to get ready for the REAL holidays!