Native Texan Livin': December 2011

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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Day

Santa came!  Santa came! 
Izzy & Maggie woke up around 7:15 to see all the goodie's Santa brought them. 

Yay, the girls are awake!  Time to open presents!
 Opening presents...
Izzy & her Happy Napper

Wait!  I want this!

What?!?!  A LeapPad!  Awesome!!!

Just what I wanted!  An Easy Bake Oven!!!

She put the bow on all by herself

Matching jammies sissy girls

Oooh, daddy got a shop-vac from his girls
 Stocking time...

playing at their new table
 Breakfast time...donut holes & oval eggs (boiled eggs) :-)

After all the hullabaloo at our house, we went to the Watson's.  We opened presents & then had a delicious dinner of Beef Burgundy.  We ended up leaving shortly after dessert because Maggie didn't take ANY naps that day, so she was getting restless.
Maggie opening a shape sorting toy


Air compressor for Bo
We had a FANTASTIC Christmas with all of our families.  Now to make room in our house for all of our goodies!  Merry Christmas everyone!

Christmas Eve

Bo & I have taken on the task of hosting Christmas Eve the past few years...and we love it!  We love having all of the family & kids here!  The plan was to cook the tamales we made a few weeks ago, but something had to go wrong, right?!?!  After 45 min of cooking, the tamales still weren't done (which they should've been) so we decided it was because I have an electric stove.  Bo had to end up taking the giant pot outside to cook on his propane burner for his turkey fryer.  (Which he did suggest about a week ago but I figured Memaw wouldn't want to mess with the tamales outside.  My bad!)  Anywho......

The food turned out great in the end!  We had tamales, rice, beans, a verde macaroni & TONS of appetizers & desserts.
Nana picking thru the beans, getting them ready to cook

Memaw & Christopher

Ay chuce!  Is Valerie modeling for me?!  ;-)

Bottoms up nana!

Aunt Jenny & Christopher

tamales cooking outside


Tito, Bo, Andy & Al hanging out outside

Nana, Christopher, Julie, Lauren, Luke & Valerie

Nana, Memaw, Jenny & Gloria

All the kids at the kids table....
Liam, Luke, Maggie, Bella & Izzy

Matching sisters!

Brothers!  Daniel & Tito

Chris Kringle
 Why is playing under the table so fun?!?!

Cousins:  Maggie, Christopher, Izzy, Bella, Liam & Luke
 Opening Presents!!!
Izzy w/ her Lalaloopsy doll!

Who's more excited...Tito or Maggie?!

Izzy helping Maggie open her gifts

playing with her phone from Fiona & Milly
 And now for the pièce de résistance....Memaw's crocheted goodies!
Izzy in her ear muff headband w/ a flower

Memaw in her own "flapper style" cap w/ flower

Lauren showing off same "flapper style" cap as Memaw

Daniel & Tito w/ lovely blue ear muffs w/ flowers.  Just lovely!  :-)
What a great Christmas Eve!  We ended the night late & I was finally in bed at exactly midnight...just in time for Santa to come!

Tamale making & The Christmas Train

Tamale Making
Memaw & I wanted to make our own tamales for Christmas Eve this least one more year.  We (not really me, but Memaw & her girls) used to always make them, but then we started buying them because of all the hard work that goes into making them.  I think we decided it's definitely worth the cost to buy.  :-)

We all got together at Memaw's a couple weeks ago & ended up making about 18 dozen.  It's a great family tradition & I hope to get the recipe soon to continue with my own girls one day...if they're brave enough to attempt!  :-)
Aunt Jenny & Aunt Gloria spreading the masa

Memaw filling the tamales

Aunt Jenny's hungry!
(don't worry, she didn't eat it!)

Lauren "attempting" to help too. :-)

Busy tamaleras

Memaw in action

That's one full freezer! I don't even think that was the last pic. 
Had to keep moving the dang ice cream to make room.  :-)

The Christmas Train

There's a church in Friendswood that offers a Christmas Train 2 weeks leading up to Christmas.  This is the 3rd year we've gone & the kids always have a blast.  It's only a 15 minute train ride but it's worth it.
Loaded onto the train

Conductor Liam

Izzy & Bella

Bo, Maggie & Lauren

Maggie loved all the lights.  She'd say "ooooh" as we passed them all.