Native Texan Livin': March 2012

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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

HS Cheer tryouts & a birthday

Last week Bec went to cheer clinic to try out for the Freshman cheer team for next year.  She got the results Friday at school in a sealed envelope (very secretive) &..........
Bec was so excited to be 1 of 10 girls to make the Freshman team!  I'm excited to see her cheer at highschool games.  Not sure what teams the freshman squad will cheer for but I'm sure it'll be fun!

2 Birthdays
Saturday, we celebrated Luke's 2nd birthday at our house. Valerie bought a water jumpy & it was the perfect size for young kids.  Maggie really liked to stick her face in the water guns.  :-)  The weather was perfect...but HOT! 

All the cousins playing

Girl loves her some cake!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Crawfish Boil 2012

Bo wanted to boil crawfish...and MAN, those things are expensive!  The lady told Bo it was because it was still the beginning of the season.  Some of the bugs were a bit small but they were still really good! 
Mags liked the crawfish...kept trying to touch them!

Cleanin' out dem bugs

Getting the pot ready

Bugs going in the boiler

Eating chicken...not dem bugs.  :-)

Izzy & Bella posing with the finished crawfish.

Yes, that is my pile in front of me...
and no, I wasn't done yet. :-)

Spring Break 2012

The girls were out of school last week for Spring Break & we decided to do a few fun things. 

Tuesday, Julie & I took the girls to Moody Gardens Aquarium.  The last time we came here was when I was pregnant with Maggie, so I figured it was time to go back.  The girls had fun looking at all the turtles, sharks, penguins & seals.  Maggie's favorite part was watching the penguins zoom past her!  We attempted to go to The Rainforest Cafe afterwards, but since it was Spring Break, it was PACKED!  We left & ended up eating Chick-fil-A near home. 
Bella, Izzy & Maggie

Izzy & Bella "touching" the turtle!

Maggie looking for one zooms right in front of her!

Maggie trying to touch the penguin

Izzy the Emporer  :-)

Whoa, look at those teeth!

They were excited to see the penguin on our way out,
but Maggie wanted nothing to do with it.
Froberg's Farm near here in Alvin does seasonal strawberry picking.  I had never been but heard it was fun, and since we were gonna visit Memaw anyway, we headed down a little early to get some pickin' done.  It was really packed, really muddy & of course, we all had on the wrong shoes!  We made it around most of the mud & got lots of good strawberries.

Don't eat the whole thing!  :-)


My 3 girls

Maggie's pickins
Strawberry picking was really fun...definitely gonna have to do again!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Rodeo - Big Time Rush

I can't believe I haven't posted anything in 2 months, but we really haven't done a whole lot.  Mostly just daily life. 

However, last night we went to what I consider our "Disney test run."  All 5 of us went to the Houston Rodeo carnival & concert.  Aunt Jenny was able to score us free tickets to the concert from her company in their suite so that was gonna be perfect, since Maggie would be with us.

We got to the carnival around 1pm & it was a mad house (duh).  There were a million people & the lines were long.  Bo even stood in line for cokes & popcorn for about 45 minutes!  We rode some rides...not a lot because the lines were so long.  We never did make it to see the animals because we needed to get into the stadium.
Daddy & Izzy on a little roller coaster


Izzy & me on the Rodeo's version of spinning tea cups.

Maggie tasting her finger.  :-)

Izzy on an airplane ride

Me, Maggie & Bec on the carousel

Izzy on her fancy haired horse

Waiting in line for the wavy slide

Bec & Izzy ready to ride

Izzy didn't want to ride alone

Scared or excited?!?!
We were able to see most of the Rodeo in the stadium...calf scramble, bull riding, mutton busting, barrel racing, etc.  The girls had a great time watching that.  Even Maggie was ooohing & aaahing & laughing.  :-)
Look mom!

Bec & Izzy enjoying their snacks

Maggie was so excited to see all the animals running around.

Calf scramble
The concert started with China Anne McClain & her sisters.  China is from a Disney show called A.N.T. Farm.  Very cute show for kids that Izzy watches.
Our view from the suite

China Anne

And then.......BIG TIME RUSH came out!  Big Time Rush is from a show on Nickelodeon that we watch.  They put on a great show.  Lots of good songs & fireworks.  Bec & Izzy got to sit in the front row of the suite seats (or sweet seats :-)  ) so that was awesome. 

BTR!  James, Carlos, Logan & Kendall

Can't really tell in this pic, but Maggie's dancing in the suite during the concert. :-)

Girls having a BLAST!!!
The concert was over by 7pm so we headed for the truck to leave.  Still not real sure what the problem was, but it took about 30 min to move 1 car length in the parking lot.  We finally got out of the parking lot at 7:45pm & started heading home.  Made it home around 8:30pm & we were pooped!  Maggie was a trooper!  She took a nap before we left & didn't even fall asleep on the way home.

It was a great day & the girls had a great time!