Native Texan Livin': April 2012

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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Kemah & Bayou Wildlife Park

Last Thursday we went to Kemah for a play date with Izzy's friend, Katie.  They played in the sprinkler area first & luckily it wasn't crowded since we got there early.  Maggie mostly hung out on the edges...didn't want to get sprayed.

After changing & getting dry we went to feed the stingrays where we ran into another classmate of theirs.  Alana & her mom were heading in to feed the stingrays too, so they all played the rest of the day.

Walking over to ride the rides.  So sweet!  I love seeing little kids holding hands!

mom & Mags flying

Riding the train
Izzy, Katie & Alana (& Mags in the back)

Not sure what this face was all about.  :-)
We finished the day off with lunch at Joe's Crab Shack.  The girls were exhausted by the time we left but they had a blast!

Sunday, we went to Bayou Wildlife Park.  Maggie really enjoyed getting up close & personal with the deer.  The petting zoo area stunk to high heaven so we didn't stay in there long. :-)  Everyone had a great time!  My favorite part is always riding the tram around the whole park. 
Julie & Christopher
This deer looks fake...but it's not.
Maggie making friends w/ a deer

Ready to head out on the tram

Maggie & Daddy ready to feed the animals

Izzy feeding a camel

Camel trying to eat Andy instead of the food.  ;-)

Bec feeding a.....I have no idea what that is.

Made a new deer friend

Loving her some deer

Bec & a deer

We call her Mag-ebra

 Pony rides for all!

Maggie rode for a few seconds & then cried
so I had to take her off so we didn't upset the horse.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter 2012

Our Easter weekend started out with Izzy having a stomach bug. Since we didn't want to get anyone else sick, we really didn't see anyone until Saturday night.

Julie, Bella & Christopher came over to dye eggs.  It's always a mad house dying eggs because Izzy & Bella will inevitably want to use the same color at the same time, etc & then of course, we have to let Bec do some too. Maggie's still too young to really care. I think she only did 2 eggs....and then all she wanted to do was eat them!

Wonder what that look's supposed to mean?!?!

Helping Mags to not throw the eggs in the cups

Izzy & Bella dying eggs

Mags finally got an egg.  I think she ate 3 that night!

Bec, Izzy & Bella

The Easter bunny left the girls filled baskets on Easter morning.  Normally, he would also leave Easter eggs hidden outside, but since we had to leave at 8am for church, he decided to leave eggs at all the grandparents houses.  Smart bunny.  ;-)  The girls got straight to work on digging into their baskets.
Sorry Bec! I guess one of you should've moved over. :-)

What does a 14 year old get in her basket?  Sun-In & tanning spray, of course!

Izzy & Maggie with their matching headbands

Bec, Izzy & Maggie before church

We went to 8:30 Mass w/ The Watson's then we went their house for brunch & an egg hunt.  The kids couldn't wait any longer so we went out to see what the Easter bunny left.  There were more than enough eggs for the 5 grandkids that were there.  After the egg hunt, we had brunch...ham, eggs benedict, deviled eggs, waffles & sausage/breakfast enchiladas. 

Found a confetti egg!

Bec with her goodies

After our morning celebration, we headed over to my mom's house for lunch & an Easter egg hunt.  This was the first year in...forever...that my mom hasn't had to work on Easter, so she was able to host.  Memaw, Aunt Jenny & Uncle Louie were there too so that was nice to celebrate with them as well.  We had ham, deviled eggs, potato casserole, green beans & corn casserole.  The kids did their egg hunt & then later smashed some cascarones.  :-)
My happy girls

Luke & Mags facing off for an egg.  ;-)

Maggie, Izzy, Luke, Liam & Bella

About to bust open some eggs

Sitting down for lunch

After Maggie took her nap we went to my dad's around 5pm for dinner.  We had more ham and deviled eggs but got macaroni & corn this time.  :-)  We were pretty pooped by this point so not lots of pics taken for this egg hunt.

It was a great day, we had a great Easter and were very glad we got to see all 3 families.  :-)