Native Texan Livin': June 2012

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Monday, June 25, 2012

Father's Day Weekend

I know this is a week late but I HAD to post it before I'd allow myself to post our Disney stuff.  Gotta try to keep it all in order people!

Daddy & Maggie

Father's Day lunch with Papi
Sunday, we took my dad to Bubba's Seafood Palace for lunch.  It's a seafood restaurant that had all you can eat shrimp or we knew Papi would like it.  :-) 

It's located right on the water so eating outside was nice...especially since it was covered!  There was also a sand area where the kids could play which made for some sweaty sandy kids.  :-)  5 of the 6 of us "big kids" were able to make it for lunch which was a really nice treat since we can rarely all go out to eat together since there are so many of us. (26 of us normally, but 18 that could go to lunch)  :-) 
me & Papi

Papi Chulo posing for the pic
Everyone enjoying their lunch

Julie, Christopher & Papi

Maggie checking out the kids playing

Sara, Connie, Izzy & Neena

Daniel, Jay & Sara

Maggie's REALLY enjoying her cupcake!

What's that face?!?! 

What can we say...girl loves her some frosting!