Native Texan Livin': August 2012

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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Twas the night before school...

Just a little poem for my girls heading off to school...

Twas the night before school started & all through the house,
The kids were excited…even me & my spouse.

Breakfast for dinner was the kids choice tonight
Bacon & eggs to keep their minds bright.

Their outfits were picked & waiting with care
For the morning would come & they’d wear them with flair.

A bubble bath, nail polish, back packs & more
What else do we do?  Let’s check to be sure.

While I read “Twas the night before Kindergarten” to one,
The Freshman posted pics, status updates & made sure she had it all done.

Nothing left to do but pray it all goes well,
For we’ll leave them in their teachers care & bid them a loving farewell.

I love you girls!  Hope you both have a great first day tomorrow!

The end of summer...

The remainder of our summer was mainly spent visiting family & having fun.  Izzy & Maggie took tumbling all summer & their last class was last week.  Maggie never wanted her teachers to help her...or even look at her, so she was less than thrilled to get up & receive her medal.  But once she got it, she LOVED it!  Izzy also received a medal after showing off all her skills she learned.

We went to Austin at the beginning of August for Julia's 3rd birthday.  We let Bec bring Haleigh with us, so it was nice that she had a friend to keep her company.  Friday night we all went out to dinner & then Bec and Haleigh babysat the girls while we went to have a couple drinks. 

Saturday morning, Carrie & I took Julia & Maggie to Target (I know, super exciting) while the guys took the 4 big girls to see the Capitol & UT Stadium.  Saturday afternoon, Julia had her birthday party at The Little Gym. 
Julia & Maggie cruising Target

Kate, Izzy, Haleigh & Bec

Scott & Bo
BFF's forever  :-)

lunch at Guerro's

Bec spent the rest of her summer at cheer practice almost every day in August.  When she wasn't there, she was with her BFF Haleigh planning their End of Summer/Birthday party.  Bec & I made the cake and everyone seemed to like it.  She had visions of grandeur with this cake, but after the 2nd tier broke twice while trying to put it on top, we decided to stick w/ what we had.  Haleigh's mom hired a DJ, 2 lifeguards & catered a full fajita dinner!  All the kids had a blast!

Izzy's big summer moment was getting her ears pierced!  She asked me if she could get her ears pierced before she turned 6, so I told her we could do it the next day.  She thought about it over night & decided she still wanted to do it.  We went to Icing in the mall & as the lady who did it was getting ready, Izzy started to get nervous.  She was grabbing my hand, flinching, etc.  We got the left ear done & Izzy fa-reaked out!  She wouldn't let the lady get close to her right ear.  Finally, she agreed to count to 10 & the lady would do it.  Izzy counted to 5 & the lady pierced the 2nd ear, but Izzy kept counting all the way to 10 & never cried again!  I guess she was scared after the 1st ear.  I was so proud of her for getting it done!  When she'd look in the mirror later, she kept saying how beautiful the earrings looked!


This past Saturday night, Maggie's church school hosted an Enchanted Evening.  They had arts & crafts, served dinner and even had real Princesses & a Prince show up!  The kids had a great time!
playing red light / green light
(Cinderella, Rapunzel, Belle & Flynn Rider)

Izzy & Bella listening intently to Belle tell a story

So, this officially ends a great summer.  Disney, cheer camp, school camps, car washes, parties, play dates, movies, Kemah, Galveston, swimming.  They shouldn't have anything to complain about.  :-)  Tomorrow is officially a new beginning...