Native Texan Livin': May 2014

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Friday, May 30, 2014

Ballet recitals

Better late than never, right?

Izzy and Maggie had their ballet recitals about 2 weeks ago, ending their ballet season for this year. This was Izzy's 4th year and Maggie's 1st year with the studio...and it was even MY first year in the mom/daughter tap class with Izzy. (I have to admit, I had a blast!)  The weekend was long but well worth it to see those kiddos dance.

Maggie did great Friday night at rehearsal, but by show time on Saturday afternoon, she was screaming when I left her backstage with her class. Once the show started, Mrs. Jill started introducing her staff while Maggie's class was waiting in the wings to dance & someone made a surprise appearance...

Before the show began...

Here are a couple shots of the actual recital.  Izzy was in 4 dances but I didn't get a pic of her jazz costume.

Prior to the recital, the girls received awards for their time at the studio.
4 year pin & perfect attendance
certificate for 1st year

Thursday, May 15, 2014

3 day Military Diet

It's time for me to start losing weight (sigh) to get ready for our cruise this summer (hip hip hooray)!  Since I'm not really into exercise (I know you couldn't tell since I have a super model's body) I decided to try a quick & easy way to lose a lot of weight fast.  I'm going to try the 3 day Military Diet.

I am going to try to stick to this diet exactly as it's written.

Day 1
Breakfast - 1 c. black coffee, 1 slice of toast w/ 2 Tbsp. peanut butter & 1/2 grapefruit.
This was only slightly difficult because I couldn't have my standard 2+ cups of coffee full of cream & sugar.  2 Tbsp was more peanut butter than I would've normally put on toast, but ate it anyway.  Black coffee wasn't as bad as I was expecting.  Yummy 1/2 grapefruit.

Lunch - 1 c. black coffee, 1 slice of toast & 1/2 c. tuna
coffee for lunch...doable but me no likey.  1 can of tuna=1/2 c.  Seemed like a lot but I ate it all, making an open face sandwich with my 1 slice of toast.

Dinner - 3 oz. any meat, 1 c. green beans, 1/2 banana, 1 small apple & 1 c. vanilla ice cream
I weighed my raw chicken & seasoned w/ salt & pepper.  Had green beans, fruit & ice cream exactly as written.

I got a massive headache midway thru the day & it lasted until I went to bed.  Probably lack of caffeine, lack of sugar &/or lack of least the amount of food I'm used to eating.

Day 2
Breakfast - 1 egg, 1 slice of toast & 1/2 banana
Boiled an egg and sliced it on top of 1 slice of toast.  I wasn't sure if I'd like it but it was pretty yummy.  Any leftover egg that didn't fit on the toast was eaten separately...very slowly.  Ate the 1/2 banana.

Lunch - 1 egg, 1 c. cottage cheese & 5 saltine crackers
1 c. of cottage cheese is a lot too!  I was really busy this afternoon & only had 15-20 minutes to eat before heading out again.  I ate about half of the cottage cheese, some of the boiled egg & 3 crackers.  Once I was home around 2pm, I ate a few more bites of the cottage cheese but then put the rest back in the container.  I ate the rest of the egg & the other 2 crackers.

Dinner - 2 hot dog wieners, 1 c. broccoli, 1/2 c. carrots, 1/2 banana & 1/2 c. vanilla ice cream
After a long day of running the kids around to ballet & cheer, we got home at 7pm.  It was too late to really eat a full meal, so I steamed 1 c. broccoli & cut up 1 hot dog to eat with it.  My carrots were bad so I threw those out.  I didn't look at the menu before I finished up, so I forgot about the ice cream.  

Headache lasted into the 2nd day, but I took Excedrin & it seemed to do the trick.

Day 3
Breakfast - 1 small apple, 5 saltine crackers & 1 slice cheddar cheese
Seriously...why do I eat in front of Maggie.  Part of my apple & cracker went into her belly.  I ate most of it & topped the crackers w/ the cheese.  Pretty yummy.

Lunch - 1 egg & 1 slice of toast
I had a boiled egg sliced thin & topped the toast w/ it.  I ate VERY slowly to make it last.

Dinner - 1 c. tuna, 1/2 banana & 1 c. vanilla ice cream
1 c. of tuna is just way too much...that's 2 small cans.  I added a little fresh squeezed lemon & ate most but not all.  I skipped the banana, mostly because I was full, but of course, ate the ice cream.  I didn't measure the ice cream, but instead just scooped 2 scoops into a bowl.

No headache at all today!  Woohoo!!!

Day 4
Time to weigh in!  drum roll please.........


I was hoping I would be one of the ones to lose 10 pounds when they say "lose up to 10 pounds" but I'm not complaining.  I think I'll do the diet 1 more week & see what additional results I see.

Friday, May 9, 2014

Flashback Friday - Bec turns 16

I know I've said it before but I think it needs to be said again....I'm not old enough to have a 16 year old!  Well, technically I am old enough since I do, in fact, have a 16 year old daughter.  

It seems like only yesterday that I was a 19 year old girl, about to be a mommy,
attempting to eat frosted mini wheats & waffles while timing my contractions.  

It seems like only yesterday that she was starting school for the first time.

It seems like only yesterday when she'd say, "I have oooone question. Are you happy?"

It seems like only yesterday that she asked me if she needed my permission to go out with a boy when she was in 6th grade.  (I said she didn't, but also informed her she wouldn't be going anywhere with anyone. :-) )

A lot of things happened "yesterday" and "tomorrow" will be here before we know it.

(The name she & Aunt Julie came up w/ lots & lots of yesterdays ago!)

Sign we put out in front of Bec's school the morning of her 16th birthday!
Bec saw the jeep in the driveway as we drove up from her football game the night of her birthday, She said, "Oh my God! Oh my God!  Is this real life?"  She got out of my truck & started crying she was so happy!  :-)
Me & my girls after enjoying some birthday brownies for Bec's birthday

Monday, May 5, 2014

Dresser turned wine rack

What do you do when you love wine & your mom loves to re-do furniture?  You pick up a trashed out dresser from the side of the road in hopes to make it into a giant wine rack!

This dresser didn't have any drawers when I found it so that was one less thing I had to worry about.  It did have the middle rail in each opening for drawers, so we just unscrewed those & got rid of them.  We got 1/2 rounds from Home Depot to use as the bottle separators.  I used liquid nails instead of nails or screws to keep the dowels in place.  I figured it would be too time consuming &/or annoying to nail/screw in a million little nails/screws.

I knew I wanted the inside to be a little dark so I went with a sage green spray paint.

My mom bought Country Grey Annie Sloan chalk paint for this project.  You can see how different it already looks after one coat!

Fully painted & tape removed.  Once it was dry, we applied a home made wax finish.  My mom combined regular furniture wax with a little stain. (It was a bit cheaper than buying the name brand stuff) She rubbed that on the dresser wine rack with a rag & wiped off.  Repeated process until it was the color we were looking for.

I took leftover wallpaper & glued it to the back of the wine rack.  I just pried off the back board & applied spray adhesive, lined up the wallpaper on the board & then tacked it back on the back.  You can see the wax finish in this pic.

Finished product!  Not quite full enough but some how bottles keep disappearing.  :-)
The little sign says, "This may be the wine
talking but I love wine"  As you can
tell from our cork collection...
the sign speaks the truth.  :-)