Native Texan Livin': July 2014

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Sunday, July 6, 2014

My Not so Standard Packing List for a Cruise

Hi.  My name is Lauren & I'm a list-a-holic.

I make lists for... 
the grocery store
things I want to remember
things to pack for a trip
things I want to do on any given day
things to do on vacation
Christmas lists
birthday lists
party invitees
things I want to serve at a party

The possibilities are endless!

Growing up, I used to make lists & wanted them to look perfect.  Spell everything correctly with no scratch offs.  If I misspelled something & had to scratch it off to re-write it, I would throw the whole list away & start over.  Which is funny because I've never thought of myself as "high maintenance" but I guess when it comes to lists, I am. :-)

When we went to Disney World a couple years ago, I scoured the internet for packing lists, standard lists & much more detailed lists.  From those, I came up with my own even more detailed lists.  Then I'd print one copy to mark on as I packed these items & another copy to pack in my suitcase for when I re-packed to come home, to make sure we brought home everything we took with us.

Traveling with kids is no easy task & not only does it wear on your patience as a parent (& human being) but it can also put some strain on your luggage.  Traveling with kids = not traveling light. With this family vacation, I'm attempting to NOT over pack.  Anything we forget, we'll buy.  Anything we can't buy, we'll make.  Anything we can't make, we'll steal!  Just kidding.  {That's from Coal Miner's Daughter & I've always loved that line (& that movie).}

So, besides the obvious essentials like passports, ID, credit cards, money, clothes, shoes, jewelry & toiletries, here are 10 MISCELLANEOUS (slightly random) things I'm packing for this trip:

1.  Stroller - Whether it's a stroll across the deck or walking in a port, this is needed for the almost 4 year old.  I'd rather have it than not!
2.  Clear shoe holder for over the door - Multiple people in a room=lots of crap in that room.  When you hang a clear shoe holder over the bathroom door, you can fill it anything you might have otherwise put on the counter (which there is not much of).
3.  Clothes pins - I wouldn't have thought of this one, but my sister went on a cruise last year & said they came in handy when drying your swimsuits on the balcony or on the clothesline in the shower.  It'll make it possible to hang more things on the line or keep your clothes from blowing overboard!
4.  Paper & pen - Once again, I'm a list girl.  I like to keep track of everything I do on vacation, down to the last detail.  Then, I can reference my notes when looking at pics, making a photo book, etc.
5.  Cup with a lid - Our Carnival cruise vacation rep sent us a list of secrets & tips once we booked our cruise.  It's suggested to bring a cup with a lid so you don't have to spend a lot of time refilling lemonade or juice.  ALSO, so you can make your own mixing ice cream & hot chocolate for a cool creamy drink, or crushed ice, coffee & ice cream.  YUM!!!
6.  Lanyard - You can have the cruise people punch a hole into your sail & sign card so you can wear on a lanyard.  Much easier than putting loose in your pocket.
7.  Hangers - Unless you want it in a drawer, there won't be enough hangers in the room for everyone.  Bring your own & if you don't use them, no harm, no foul.
8.  Medicine - Since you'll be out of the country, you don't want to take a change & NOT have the medicine you may end up needing.  I'm packing all the essentials like Tylenol, Advil, band-aids, neosporin, Pedialyte powder, Zofran (prescription for vomiting b/c the Dr. wouldn't prescribe sea-sickness meds for kids), "itchy medicine" for mosquito bites, ear drops, filling filler for my cavity that decided to fall out 2 days ago :-/ , etc.
9.  Tablet - (on airplane mode, of course!)  Yeah yeah...we're going on a cruise, so WHY bring a tablet?  Because I have a 7 year old and an almost 4 year old & I don't want to hear "I'm bored."  Nuff said?
10.  Power strip - There are 2 plugs in the room.  If you want to charge anything, do your hair, etc this is a must.