Native Texan Livin': Halloween Boo Basket {plus Free Printables!}

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Friday, October 23, 2015

Halloween Boo Basket {plus Free Printables!}

How to Prepare a Halloween Boo Basket with Free Printables


Have you been Boo'd yet?  We were introduced to this tradition a few years ago when one of Izzy's friends left a basket full of goodies at our door saying "we've been Boo'd" and needed to keep the fun going.  The kids LOVED that sweet surprise & had so much fun making 2 more baskets for their friends!

We decided to get things started this year & made Boo Baskets to BOO 2 of our friends.  First, we went to get our supplies.  Bucket, candy, snacks, drinks, glow sticks, bubbles & creepy crawly plastic bugs!

In planning the baskets, I looked online for a Boo sign I liked but I couldn't find anything that would be easy for the next person to copy or find again online.  I wanted it to be simple and black & white for easy copying & it just didn't I made my own!  Don't get me wrong!  All of the other ones were really cute, but this way, you have the option of printing it on colored paper like I did & you don't use up that precious colored ink! :-)

Here are my printables:
Simple Free Printable for an easy to assemble Boo Basket

Free Printable - We've Been Boo'd sign for your Boo Basket

We filled up the buckets, got the Boo Basket poem/instruction sheet & "We've Been Boo'd" signs together & crept out into the dark of night to deliver our BOO's!
Halloween Boo Baskets Assembled with Free Printables

Our first stop was to Izzy's friend Katie.  I turned the car head lights off, Izzy left her car door open & crept up to the front door.  She placed the bucket down, rang the doorbell & ran back to the car.  Katie's mom, Jennifer, opened the door just in time to see our break lights!  Phew!

Second niece & nephew Bella & Christopher!  (We made them each their own baskets so there was no fighting!)  We pull into their cul-de-sac and all of a sudden, I see Christopher come out of the side garage to go back into the house.  We freak out in the car because we think he's seen us, so we are basically doing slow donuts in the street until he leaves.  He finally goes inside and I park in the street next to a truck so I'm hidden.  We run out & see my brother-in-law Eddie in the garage.  We tell him what we're doing, the girls place the baskets at the front door & we leave.  Eddie was going to ring the doorbell once we were gone!

Later that night, my sister Julie texted to say they got Boo'd & were so excited!  I fessed up that it was us but she wasn't going to tell the kids.  But later that night, she texted again to say Christopher told her there was a ghost lady driving a silver car & that's who dropped off their baskets, so they were scared & couldn't sleep in their own beds!  Aye aye aye! LOL!  I'M THE GHOST LADY IN THE SILVER CAR! :-)

The girls had so much fun putting the baskets together & sneaking around to surprise their friends!  We even got Boo'd the next day!  I wonder who it could've been?!?!

Do you Boo or have you been Boo'd yet?  Don't forget to print these Instructions printable & "We've Been Boo'd" printable for your next Boo Basket!

Happy Boo'ing!

Easy to assemble Halloween Boo Baskets with Free Printables


  1. Love this!!! Especially the printables. So cute!!!

  2. Thanks Meg!!! These were so fun & easy to make! And even more fun to brighten someone's day! :-)