Native Texan Livin': February 2015

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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

A picture an hour...within the hour

Have you ever wanted to be a fly on the wall?  I thought it would be fun to do a photo challenge and document our day yesterday every hour.  I didn't even come close to getting a picture on the dot of each hour but each picture was taken within that hour.

Didn't expect the day to end quite like it did but hope you enjoy anyway...

Making hay while the sun shines.  Actually, the sun's not up yet but I wake up when Bo wakes up for work.  It's the only time I have to work alone, without distraction before the kids wake!

Yes, they're awake and partially dressed.  Their morning consists of watching videos while eating breakfast.  Today they're trying out the breakfast lunchables.  They were not a fan!

What else would they do in the car rider drop off line but take a selfie!

Maggie playing with Izzy's school store loot while I get some work done.  Shhh....don't tell!

Maggie had ballet this morning.  Yes, she dressed herself.  But look at her form! ;-)

Izzy received the Character Award for Responsibility at school today.  We were so proud of her as this was the 3rd time she's received this same award (K, 1, 2).  I always thought each kid in class got their turn to win an award but turns out only half the class will win a Character award throughout the year.  So proud of our responsible girl!

Izzy talked us into coming back to have lunch with her 45 minutes after the awards ceremony.
Whataburger was her meal of choice! :-)

Lunch time is normally my morning dishes time.  All the important pot, wine glass, tervis cups.  Best drying towels ever...the tea towels hand sewn by my Memaw with the days of the week.  That towel does not say Tuesday...I'm not that anal. ;-)

Working on/off throughout the day but I finally have a moment to sit for a while to work for an extended period of time.

Bo went to get in the car rider line to get Izzy from school so I started dinner.  We will have some Stroganoff with our mushrooms for dinner. ;-)

It's all about that allowance baby!  Laundry time so they could get paid!

A little down time on before Izzy & I head out for her practice.

2 hours of cheer practice were spent putting together goody buckets for the girls' final cheer competition of the season this weekend.

Home from cheer, Izzy has a fever & wants to go to bed without dinner.  As soon as she's in bed & I have the emergency trash can in place next to her bed, she leans over & throws up.  :-(

Maggie took a 2 hour nap while we were at cheer, so she wasn't quite ready for bed when we laid her down.  She got up a few times & I finally read her a book to get her to relax.

Did anyone else watch the series finale of Parks & Rec? Love that show...watched it from day 1. Kind of hard to take a picture of the TV without it being blurry, but I was able to snap this pic of Burt Macklin. ;-)

At 10 pm I was exhausted & headed to bed.  Maggie slept in our bed since Izzy was sick & they share a room.  My last few minutes before bed were spent rearranging Maggie in our bed so she wasn't taking up the entire king size bed! :-)

This picture an hour was fun to do!  Hope you enjoyed taking a sneak peak into our day!

Monday, February 23, 2015

Ranchin' it up ~ City folks just don't get it

We decided we didn't have our fill of San Antonio from the previous weekend, so we went back again the next weekend. ;-)

Bo's sister's husband's family (you still with me?) has a ranch just outside of San Antonio so we headed west for the Watson Sibling weekend, Part Deux.  We tried to go to the ranch a few months ago, but there was too much rain to get in safely, so we went to Bo's sister's house instead.

This time, the weather was beyond gorgeous!  With all 11 kids cousins together, they were bound to have some fun!

Friday was spent running around, playing in the junk yard (yes, you read that correctly), collecting firewood, petting the horses & looking at the stinky cows.  And they STUNK BAD!

It ain't a party til the kids start flipping tires!

The men folk went hunting but weren't able to get anything.  Not surprising with 11 kids making a bunch of noise around the fire! :)  The rest of the night was spent roasting marshmallows & visiting.

Wait, I think we can get 1 more person on here.  Just late night Kubota ride...nothing to see here.

Have you ever met a deer that's a pet?  Meet Cinderella!  This little lady was born on the ranch, wandered down to the house, wasn't scared of anyone & never left.  They put an orange dog collar on her to make sure the hunters know she's a pet. :-)

Who knew Cinderella was a beer drinker?!  ;-)
Happy Valentine's Day!  Saturday morning, the kids ate their Valentine's loot & restarted the fire.  They had fun picking up pieces of cactus & throwing them into the fire.  They'd sizzle as it was thrown in & I told them Papi (my dad) would be so mad they were wasting food like that! ;-)

After the kids were done roasting their nopalitos, we went down to the poo piles to play.  Actually, I'm sure it's mostly dirt...some rocks...but definitely some poo.

Rebecca: The self-proclaimed cow whisperer
This was the cutest picture!  All the kids were watching Matt get a horse for them to ride & we were able to catch this cuteness!

The kids finally got their turns on Miss Holly.  All the kids did great!  My girls quickly became comfortable with Matt walking them on a fast trot. :-)

It's so nice for our kids to be able to experience things they normally don't.  We had an amazing time spending time with family & letting the kids play with their cousins without any plans.  Can't wait to do it again!

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Cheer taketh-over

We went to San Antonio 2 weekends ago for Izzy's cheer competition & I've just recuperated...and that's why this blog post is over a week late!

If you're from Texas, it's not an official road trip without a stop at Buc-ee's to take your family photo!  The kids can spot those Beaver billboards a mile away!

We got to San Antonio & there was a parade going on in front & around the Embassy Suites-Downtown so we did the whole "Look kids, Big Ben, Parliament!" thing about 50 times.  We finally made it & our room wasn't ready so we went down to the Riverwalk for lunch. (Insert a lot of whining from the kids about how their feet don't work anymore & can no longer walk.)  We ate at Casa Rio outside with a river view which was neat because we were in a pretty decent spot where the boats would either go straight or turn, so there was lots of traffic.  Izzy had only been to San Antonio once before but doesn't remember it, and Maggie had never been, so they enjoyed watching all the boats go by.

After lunch, we went back to the hotel to take a break & get ready for the competition.  Izzy's team wasn't performing until 8:40pm!  Thank you scheduling people!  Before we left, we enjoyed the Embassy's happy hour of complimentary drinks & food.  We had 30 minutes to enjoy that before having to head out.

I'm late to the whole American Girl doll phenomenon, but it's "a thing" to dress up your girl & take her with you to competitions, etc.  The girls will stunt their dolls, flip them...basically treat it like a little cheerleader.  Luckily, the girls got dolls this Christmas from Bo's mom, so we joined in on the fun.

We were T-Minus 1 minute until Izzy was about to perform & Mags fell asleep!  We tried to wake her but it wasn't happening.  Put the girl in a bed, she stays awake.  Put her in an uncomfortable stadium chair, lights out.  Note: This is not the first time she's fallen asleep at a competition but the 4th!!!

Our girls AMAZING on Day 1!!!  We were all so proud of them!  Click here to see our girls performance from Day 1. (Disclaimer: we (I) scream a lot!)

Once back to the hotel we ordered room service for 10pm.  Powering up for Day 2!

On Day 2 we loaded up on the complimentary breakfast at our hotel.  Omelets, bacon, sausage, pancakes, french toast, scrambled eggs, cereal & fruit.  Yes, this is not just the menu but what WE actually ate!

After breakfast, we walked about 5 blocks to the Alamo.  We were on a mission to find the basement on this trip, but alas, "There's no basement in the Alamo!"

We walked back down to the Riverwalk to seek out more food.  We saw these photo props at a restaurant along the way so of course, we couldn't pass them up!

Mini 1's performance on day 2 was as flawless as the first night.  After all of our teams performed, they all gathered to head down to the awards ceremony.

Mini 1 got 1st Place!!!  Look at those faces!  The girls were so excited when their team name was read as the 1st place winners!

Back at the hotel.  Izzy posing in her National Champs jacket!  Then she posed with Coach Jason!

After the competition we all hung out in the lobby, ordered pizza, drank some beer & wine and watched the kids run around.  The kids were up & down the elevator and in & out of each others rooms.  Maggie tried to keep up with the big girls but she finally crashed & burned around 11pm!  She was definitely a trooper though!

We had an amazing weekend with an amazing group of girls!  Can't wait to do it again in a couple weeks at NCA Nationals in Dallas...and hopefully end with the same result!