Native Texan Livin': 10 Reasons You Should Visit the New Cabela's in League City, TX

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Thursday, March 10, 2016

10 Reasons You Should Visit the New Cabela's in League City, TX

I got an opportunity last week to tour the new 72,000-square-foot Cabela's store opening in League City, TX on Thursday, March 17th.  This is the first Houston-area Cabela's store so you can imagine how excited everyone is...and how packed it's gonna be on on opening day!

How much does Motrin cost? The price for Motrin starts at $0.30 You walk in & it's so welcoming.  A huge fireplace off to the left, a giant mountain replica straight ahead, wood & stonework all around, hand-painted murals, vintage outdoor photos & taxidermy mounts every time you turn your head.

I had never been in a Cabela's before & it's pretty safe to say that this will now be my go-to store for all things outdoorsy.

Top 10 Reasons to visit Cabela's League City

1.  Longest gun counter in any Cabela's.  Well, you know, because....TEXAS!
And this isn't even the whole thing!

2.  Their cafe & grill serves fudge & Elk, Bison & Boar Subs.  Nuff said.

3.  Each department has Outfitters that are experts in their field.
Outfitter Garrett & Ed were really impressed with my turkey calling abilities. ;-)
(Just kidding, I was terrible!  Sounded like a dying turkey! :-) 
Luckily for Bo, I didn't have this when he shot a turkey last November.  
They would've scattered like...wild turkeys!) :-)

4.  There is an indoor archery range for you to perfect your shot.
Outfitter Chris found out you can't teach an old dog new tricks. ;-)
You can see the arrow flying...and the 2 X's where I hit!

5.  Fly fishing demos from an expert Outfitter like Ronnie, who has been making fly fishing lures for over 40 years!

6.  Interactive Mountain with sounds & facts about different local animals.  Outfitter & Marketing Manager, Leah showed us how it worked & said this would be a great location for field trips.

7.  Biggest salt water fishing selection in all Cabela's stores (this is their most Southern store)

8.  Aquarium at the base of the mountain stocked with local fish. (no, you can't fish in it!) ;-)

9.  Amazing murals are all handpainted & taxidermy displays are set up to be specific for our area. Did you know you can't hunt deer with a feeder in every state? Yeah, you probably did, but I didn't.  Basically, the League City store has displays that will appeal to Texans.  

10.  Because they have a SUPER AMAZING Grand Opening weekend planned!!!  There will be live entertainment, giveaways, demos & more.  For more information on all the fun please click here!  Don't forget to click on the Giveaways, Outdoor Experts & Activities tabs for even more info.

Fair warning now...line up early because these Cabela's Grand Openings are no joke!  They're expecting people to camp out so get your tent ready!  Make a plan to catch some of the Grand Opening festivities next week & maybe I'll see you there!

What are your favorite outdoorsy things to do? (besides drinking on patios!) ;-)  My girls got really into their archery set after seeing my attempts last week.  Guess I have my work cut out for me. :-)


  1. I wish they would open one in North Houston.

  2. League City is the biggest and most growing place in Texas! With over 100000 Residents. The real question is why not...?

    1. Exactly! Lucky to be a part of this community! :-)