Native Texan Livin': You Were Born to THRIVE // Thrive Blog Conference - The Woodlands, TX

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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

You Were Born to THRIVE // Thrive Blog Conference - The Woodlands, TX

This past weekend I was fortunate enough to attend my first real blog conference.  It was an evening & afternoon full of women empowering women, bonding, forging friendships, learning how to be successful in blogging.

I am so thankful my friend Michelle from Moms Without Answers turned me back onto blogging almost 2 years ago after taking a 2 year break.  I feel a sense of freedom when I I can just be me.  "Being you" can sometimes bring backlash, some haters of sorts, but not this weekend.  This weekend, I got to just be in a room with like-minded women & simply have fun & THRIVE!

A few of us from our local area carpooled together & were also rooming together!  We hit up the Black Walnut Cafe for lunch as soon as we arrived in The Woodlands.  After that, we went to get our hair blown out so we could all look fabulous!  None of us were super ecstatic about our results, so I won't even mention where we went. (& I should've washed it out before Saturday's conference! But oh & learn!)
Moi, Michelle, Meg & Katie

For real...even though we went from 1 Texas town to another Texas town 
an hour away, we have to act like we're tourists...even in HEB! 

Woohoo!  Finally made it to the Embassy Suites in The Woodlands!

Bree Pair (Bree Pair) & Whitney Hough (The Observant Turtle) were our gracious hostesses this weekend & they put together an amazing Cocktail event Friday night.  First things first...we all took advantage of the Embassy Suites complimentary cocktails & bites before our event started.  Then we enjoyed even more deliciousness in our meet & greet.

I met so many new faces, talked to some really cool bloggers, made a rose hand scrub courtesy of Whole Foods & even won a door prize!  Whoop Whoop!  I've never been one to turn down a fancy yellow bag holding a pair of Kendra earrings & a Kendra bracelet and I wasn't gonna start now!  After the Thrive meet & greet, a group of us walked down the road for a late dinner & then turned in fairly early.  Had to get our brains rested for a full day of learning planned for the next day.
(some pics included in this collage by @megcady)

This was Thrive's 2nd year but my 1st year to attend.  Bree & Whitney really know how to make people feel welcome...and who knew assigned seats would be a good thing?!  It makes you get to know people you might not have met otherwise & before you know it, you realize just how much you have in common.

1.  Nicole Seligman (MC) (Writes Like a Girl)  //  2.  Alissa Circle (Keynote Speaker) (Diary of an Addict)  //  3.  Kristina Braly (Pretty Shiny Sparkly)  //  4.  Jessica Bailey & Sarah Skaggs (Pretty Providence)  //  5.  Ashley Rose (Sugar & Cloth)  //  6.  Mallory Whitfield (Miss Malaprop)  //  7.  Megan Weaver (Megan Weaver)  //  8.  Kristyn Merkley (Lil' Luna)  //  9.  Skye McLain (Skye McLain)

Our Thrive speakers were all amazing!  Every last one of them had amazingness to offer us & here's my highlight reel.... Stop, Take a breath & just start.  Know your why.  Don't sacrifice your authenticity.  Be vulnerable, honest & authentic.  Vulnerability is about balance.  Be consistent.  Know your worth when pitching brands.  Be thoughtful, clear & concise.  F can't please everyone.  Share others content.  Always properly credit work.  Know what content people want.  Create good content.  Put your own personal twist on creations.

This was literally the cliffiest CliffsNotes version of these awesome speakers, but I think you get the drift.

If you have an opportunity, you should definitely attend a blog conference!  I'm excited to put all my new knowledge to use in my little 1"x1" space on the internet.

Enjoy these pics courtesy of @megcady (Everyday Meg)



  1. Had so much fun with you, girlfriend! I'm glad we got to spend the weekend together!!!!!!

    1. Me too!!! So much fun! Can't wait to do it again next year! :-)

  • Love this! It was so great watching you learn and have so much fun this weekend! You were such a wonderful breath of fresh fun air!!

    1. Awww, thank you SO much! It was really great meeting you & loved all of your photos...and seeing you in action! :-)