Native Texan Livin': About Me

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About Me

Well, let’s see…what makes me ME?  As you’ll be able to tell, I like to let an equal amount of words & pictures tell the story. 

I’m the middle child of 3 girls born & raised in this great state! 
All you may see is the wood paneling & that awesome orangey-brown & blue couch but all I see
is that green chevron crocheted blanket, of which many a fight was fought over! (and I won) J

My dad is from Puerto Rico & my mom is Mexican American.  While Spanish is my dad’s first language, I never learned the language.  I mean, I can probably fake my way through a Spanish-speaking situation & form a very broken Spanish sentence, but that’s about it.  J

Bo & I met at work about 13 years ago.  I know, I know, you're not supposed to go "fishing at work" (that was actually told to me by our manager) but I couldn't help could I resist that hair! ;-)  We started dating on my birthday, dated about 2 years & we’ve been married 11 years! 

I had my oldest daughter Rebecca when I was 19.  Talk about being hit in the face by real life real fast!  I grew up real quick & I made it work.  Izzy was born 9 years later, Bo’s first born.  Maggie was born almost 4 years later, rounding out our family of 5.

There have been 2 houses, 4 dogs (2 still here), 3 fish (2 still here).  We finally got rid of the stinky hamster & the 2 hens that turned out to be roosters!

This is only a quick little snapshot into what makes me ME so I hope you’ll keep coming back to see where we've been, what we're up to & where we're going.

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